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Studio updates.

Headshots { Professional Actor }

Putting her best face forward Kerstin killed it! We talked about what types of roles she is going for and how to best portray that in her Headshots. I love the variety this gal brought. Eyes and a smile tell the world everything. So… Want to know more about KERSTIN FRAILEY… well here are some questions we got to learn more about the actresses and what makes her tick!

Last song I sang? 
Lizzo, Good As Hell, to a friend who thought he didn't know any Lizzo songs.

Last Vacation I took, with who?
I'm about to go to Ireland to visit Miriam, an Irish friend of mine, and to do some improv with the lovely people at Improv Utopia.

Last time I helped a stranger?
There's a dog-level drinking fountain at my local park that runs when someone (human) holds down a very hard to reach button.  This morning a dog trotted up to it and I ran the water for her until she was done drinking and her human got there up.

Last Indulgence?
A huge glass of rhubarb kombucha from Arize, poured straight from the tap on a hot summer day.

Last time I was star-struck?
When I was in college I met the founder of a website I thought was awesome.  He turned out to be pretty unpleasant and it sort of ruined the star-struck thing for me.

Last time I was scared?
GOT series finale, realizing this was all the end we'd get.

Last reality show I watched?
The news.  (Though mostly I listen to it.)

Last Movie I watched?
Wreck it Ralph Breaks the Internet, at the very good suggestion of a friend.

Last Splurge? 
An improv weekend workshop out of town.

Last word of advise I took to heart?
Don't try to succeed where someone's mother failed.

Last thing you got?
Second City's Pride shirt.  It's a ringer tee with rainbow Bentwood chairs, and it's adorable.

Last book you read?
The Witch Elm by Tana French.  I love her character portraits, even when the characters themselves are utterly unlovable..

What spots in OLD TOWN do you love most? 
 Green City Market farmers market!  I go there twice a week and do almost all my grocery shopping there when it's in season.

What was your first job?
Cashier at the Pitchin' Kitchen at our local little league park.

What product (makeup or gadget) are you obsessed with?
The Ordinary.  Honestly it's amazing.  And most think recommended on r/scincare addiction.