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Studio updates.

West Coast Cuties {Malibu Family Photographer}

I met the “G” family through an amazing friend named Jen. I knew any friend of her’s would be a friend of mine. It was instant kismet!!! We all had the exact same spirit within. Simply stated good people vibe with good people - not to mention that we all grew up in the Midwest.

We shot in Malibu at Dume Point, and had an unusually sunny morning. Typically at this time of year, the marina layer holds (causing overcast skies) and then burns off later on in the day, but this past Saturday was clear as a bell. (Case in point you can see from miles - see below) The G family were ah-mazing, and totally trusted my vision as I had told them I knew of a great spot that has the coast line… the only thing is we had to hike up to the peak to get that gorgeous view. They were game, and so was I. As we walked up the path, mom did it in 4’ inch wedges - on trails that were hard to walk through with the uneven terrain, but the pay off was that we got some amazing shots of that California coast line!!! The kids (L and E) were so amazing! We laughed as we were all decked out in nice clothes as we ran up the dirt path past the hikers and fireman who (were training for their morning workouts!) I had a blast with these West Coast Cuties and can’t wait to see them grow. Thanks “G” fam for letting me spend the morning with ya!