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Studio updates.

Who Runs the World? Girls! {West Loop Graffiti Wall Style Session}

Beyonce was right! Girls Run the World!!! For Jordyn’s 11th Birthday, she asked her mom if she can have a styled session with her best friends. I have photographed Jordyn since she was 5 and was so excited to see her and meet her BFF’s! We talked a month before about what style she wanted and I adored hearing her ideas. We decided to photograph in the West Loop. I looked for a few spots to photograph her stylish bunch. I came across a few Graffiti walls the week prior, knowing that we were going to have rain in the forecast I found a spot that was underneath a bridge which gave us a roof and coverage from the rain! Jordyn or should I say….umm Kendel Jenner - modeled like a pro! We had an awesome afternoon with her SHE-PACK in the city and made the sidewalks and streets our catwalk! Yassss Queen!!! The girls kept saying to each other as they cheered each other on as each girl stepped in from of my camera. Happy 11th Jordyn!!! I hope you had a great day celebrating all the things you love. I’ll see you and you’re friend at your Bat Mitzvah :)