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Fear is my Homeboy by: Judi Holler {Branding and Headshot Session}

Holy Moly!!! I can’t believe it but it is finally here. My amazing #fearboss friend is a Best Selling Author “Fear is my Homeboy” The book was released on May 28th on Amazon and it is also available at Barns and Nobles and soon to be at airport bookshops! Judi’s book is a book for the masses. Its for your nephew who just graduated college, for your sibling who wants something more our of life, for your friend who can’t seem to find their dream job, or for your mom who’s now an empty nester and just feels stuck.

Judi’s background hits close to home and that’s why our vibes meshed so well from the start. We met ten years ago doing improv at Second City in Chicago. During our time there, students would go through hours of classes. We had to check our ego’s at the door before goofing around on stage saying “yes and.” We had to train our brains to be free of judgement and also a team player. We were taught lessons from our teachers about how to be a better improvisor but, really it taught us how to be better human beings. Judi Holler wrote an amazing book that captures how to embrace the fear and improvise through life with confidence. I adore this amazing gal, not only because of her smart wits both off and on the stage but also for her tenacity in life. When she told me that she was going to write a book she reached out and asked if I could photograph her for her cover bio! So now my name is featured in her book! What a team player! Love ya Judi!!!

Click here to purchase her book on Amazon and click here to purchase her book from Barn and Nobles.

Every girl loves to twirl and this girl has something major to twirl and dance about! So proud of you and can’t wait to see what else is in store!