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Studio updates.


One of the things that I love about my job is that I get to be apart of families lives at such monumental moments. Case in point, last fall I got to meet such an adorable family. Meghann had called and told me that she had a six month old baby girl and a one year old little boy and would love to do a family session in the fall for holiday cards. The thing I adore about working with Meghann is that she picked out the outfits for her family sent me a text and asked me what would be a good environment to shoot them in. Here is what we collaborated on in the fall. (Click here)

Now, her little ones are one and three and she wanted to capture this time in their lives as they have changed quite a bit in the last six months (especially Hazel) As she is almost at that point of taking her first steps!!! We decided to pick a location that had versatility. Meghann suggested to go to Rosewood Beach in Highland park where there are plenty of trails to walk through that lead over to the beach. The mossy area around the bridge was just perfect. These moments as Chris held Hazel in the air or when Hart held on to his sister so endearingly as she tried to stand - was just pure joy and love! We walked down to the beach and got some great shots of the family having some fun as the sun came peeking out. Thank you Salamasick’s for letting me enjoy these special moments with you as your family continues to grow. Lot of love - Naomi