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Elly Love's The 80's: { Loft 21, Bat Mitzvah }

It wasn’t “Sixteen Candles” for this 12 year old Bat Mitzvah girl, but we all know “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun”!!! From the leg warmers to the Reebok high tops, the track suits and neon plastic bangles - the 80’s were back and better then ever!!! Elly’s Bat Mitzvah was a totally radical 80’s bash that even RUN DMC wouldn’t want to miss!! This party was no “Risky Business’, it was “Footloose” and fancy free. The party was “Pretty in Pink” and “Purple Rain” ! Elly rocked her speech and the dance floor was like Kellerman’s from “Dirty Dancing”! Cindy Mancini Ronald Miller would have felt right at home with all the 80’s details. The kid’s place cards were fun and playful toys, and the adult place cards were cassette tapes, ready for a ghetto blaster. The DJ’s playlist was righteous and everyone dressed in their 80’s best!. Prom and Bat Mitzvah dresses were definite show stoppers! The sweet table would have satisfied all “Gremlins” and “Goonies”. It had PopRock’s, Good n’ Plenty, Fun Dip, Pixie Sticks, Gobstoppers, and much much more! At the end of the party all the girls received crop-tops and the boys got muscle tee’s to remind us that it’s fun to go “Back to the Future”. It was a party to remember! Sincerely yours, The Breakfast Club”!

Venue: Loft 21

Event Planner: Ellyn Saul Events

DJ: Monster

Photographer: Naomi Epstein Photography