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Family is who you come home to…

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The Session

First and foremost I know how difficult it can be to get everybody ready for a portrait. My goal is for you and you're family to have a great time when your having your portraits taken. I want my clients to feel comfortable in front of my camera, enabling me to capture your family's true essence. I think you get the best shots when you shoot families doing what they love doing together. A family picnic in the park, story time in bed, a walk along the beach, or even running free in an open field. Be yourself, think about what makes your kids happy, and what style fits your home as well as your family.



I really enjoy shooting families on location. As a traveling photographer, I have shot it all.  You can have a more urban feel while shooting downtown, or even outside around an industrial building. I also love the contrast of an airy beach setting. If you have a more nature driven style we can shoot at a local garden or maybe just have a leisurely stroll through the park. The location options are endless and I love to explore them all.  I love traveling to places that are special to you. I have shot headshots in New York City, created family memories on the lake in New Buffalo, Michigan, shot fireside at a family cabin in Wisconsin and walked the ocean while taking family candids in Malibu.



Did your Mom ever tell you to “Dress the part” or did your Dad ever mutter the words “Clothing makes the man”? Well let me tell you, Mom and Dad ARE and WILL always be right! So many families ask me what do we all wear? Clothing is probably the most important aspect of a portrait. Be bold, be brave, layer up and have fun. Don't be scared, break the rules, put stripes together with print, mix and match, get chunky knits and textured fabrics. All of these elements make a photograph stand out and demand your attention. Accessories such as hats, embellished headbands, gloves, funky shoes, and jewelry are so fun to play with in photography with kids. Push your boundaries but most importantly make it fun for all. When selecting color schemes it is best to never be too matchy matchy. Instead just pick four colors and have them dispersed between everyone. For outdoor lighting, I recommend concentrated colors that really pop. Jewel tones are my favorites! They photograph well and are more pleasing to  the eye over soft pastels and whites. I say have fun and be creative, this is a moment in time to treasure! I am happy to help in the selection process. The more you pull the more options we have. Feel free to share your ideas or even bring multiple options for a session. Let's start creating together.


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