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Newborn sessions are literally a bundle of JOY!. I mean come on…who doesn’t love that fresh baby face?! Those baby eye lashes, the little pursed lips, and the tiny toes - i mean cuteness overload!

Booking Your Session:

Newborn session are designed for babies within 14 days of birth. It is ideal to photograph a newborn between day 5-10. This small window is when newborns tend to be the sleepiest and still retain that fresh newborn curl. After the 14 day mark they tend to be more awake and alert and develop things like colic and baby acne.

We will schedule your session on a temporary date according to your due date. I realize babies rarely arrive on their actual due date and that’s ok but that gives us a rough idea. Once your little one arrives give me a call and let me know and we can schedule a date and time at that point.

What To Expect: 

First and foremost expect that there are NO expectations! I have no expectations that your child will quietly fall asleep and sleep for the entirety of the session. I do not expect your house to be cleaned or that you will have even gotten a chance to sleep or have showered in the last 24 hours. The first few days with a newborn in the house can feel very overwhelming and the last thing I want is a parent that feels stressed out or worried about me coming into their home. So know that I will not judge you for the half eaten sandwich on your kitchen table, or the dirty burp cloth on your couch. I don’t see those things. I see your cute little one waiting to be captured in this special time.

Typically, newborn sessions last anywhere from 1-3 hours depending on the baby. It is a patience game. There is no need to rush or worry, the baby will eventually settle or fall asleep. Know that I do not schedule anything else on the day of a newborn session so that you get my full undivided attention without having to rush.

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Preparing For Your Session:

Once we tentatively schedule your session we will have a conversation about what you are looking for. Do you only want photos of the baby? Would you like photos of you and your spouse with the baby? Are their any specific poses you are looking for? Do you like more of a natural baby look or the posed prop photos? This conversation allows me to prepare for your session and bring items that fit your style.

You may also want to consider in the first few days that your newborn is home with you from the hospital to give them some time without clothes on so that they can be use to being undressed so it’s not such a shock for them during their session.

It is also helpful to keep the temperature in your home fairly warm for your session. That way the baby will stay nice and cozy.


During The Session: 

I will arrive at your house at the time we confirmed. It is best if you can hold off on feeding the baby until I arrive. Once I arrive I will have some things with me. I typically bring a newborn bean bag used to lay them on and pose them as well as a few props, a small backdrop, different blankets, headbands/hats and other items for you to choose from. It is ideal to have a small area somewhere in your home where I can set up that has a large window that lets in natural light or is a fairly bright room. As I set up, you can feed the baby which insures that the baby will be full, happy, and hopefully very sleepy for the session. It is ideal to feed the baby wrapped in a blanket with just a diaper on so that we don’t have to undress them once they are sleeping.

During the session I will handle your baby with the utmost care. There is no need to worry if you aren’t feeling 100% yet. I will soothe, swaddle and ensure baby is kept happy.

I typically start my sessions taking some photos of your baby on the beanbag. This allows me to capture the whole baby as well as the little details such as hands and feet just as they are.

Next, we can add in any other elements and/or props you would like. I tell parents to have a few ideas they really like and we can start with the ones that are the most important to you to have captured and work our way down. We can also incorporate some photos of you with the baby if you wish.

There is no ticking clock, so we can take breaks if needed if the baby needs to feed or is unsettled. If you have music that you have played that is soothing to the baby, you can feel free to leave that on during the session.

It is recommended to try and limit the amount of people present during the session as much as possible to create a relaxing environment for the baby.

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If you have any questions…

I’m just a phone call away, feel free to contact me.